Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Frankenstein's War: In Remeberance

Man, what was it, 1997 when we fist published 'Frankenstein's War'?


Sam asked about this unproduced cover, for which he supplied the original concept, and I begrudgingly dug around in the storage room at our offices and found two attempts at said artwork.

Remember, I was drinking pretty heavily back then...I mean much more than now.
But really, with a little work, these could pass muster.




'Frank' in attempt 01 follows the original closer that 02, but the 'Army' in 02 is a hell of a lot less half-ass than 01 (I was trying some lazy impression of a background of undead) I think that was the reason that 01 got thrown aside. 02 got abandoned because I believe that was right after the 'Tia Juana' incident and right before the 'Nightwing' knightmare.

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Obligatory Internet Adventure - Cover

Wellz, we need a hell of a lot of color, and just about as much in special effects, but this is the cover as I saw it. Respect the Happy Buddha, he has graced the same spot on my keyboard for quite some time.

Next I'll start on the interior images I alluded to.


Wednesday, May 2, 2007

PAGE 24!

Wellz, its done. I had to redo the top panel and I had ran out of my Bristol Paper, so's I had to move on to the Bristol Vellum Coated Paper I bought last week. A little toothier, and the inking affects were new to me; dry brushier. Thats why J's hand is all Neil Adams-ish (drunk Neil Adams) I like the Bristol and will probably start with page one tomorrow and reink the whole story...No.

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

THIS WEEKEND! (springfield)

The final page in the saga that was the 'Obligatory Internet Adventure' will debut in this spot by Friday Night. And you guys will see it for sure on Saturday. I'm burning discs with the PSD files of my scans along with some other downloaded goodies to bring along. There is nothing real spectacular about the final page, no real reason for the delay. I guess now that its over, I just don't want it to end.