Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Frankenstein's War: In Remeberance

Man, what was it, 1997 when we fist published 'Frankenstein's War'?


Sam asked about this unproduced cover, for which he supplied the original concept, and I begrudgingly dug around in the storage room at our offices and found two attempts at said artwork.

Remember, I was drinking pretty heavily back then...I mean much more than now.
But really, with a little work, these could pass muster.




'Frank' in attempt 01 follows the original closer that 02, but the 'Army' in 02 is a hell of a lot less half-ass than 01 (I was trying some lazy impression of a background of undead) I think that was the reason that 01 got thrown aside. 02 got abandoned because I believe that was right after the 'Tia Juana' incident and right before the 'Nightwing' knightmare.


Bart King said...


sam said...

What the? I had a comment but it never showed up...

Thanks for the J-OMBIE! luv, I hope Scott liked it.

Foles and Franks War were 10 years ago... GOD DAMN! (although technically War was not actually finished until 2000). I remember Scott Drew a big Frankenstein's War "movie poster" on the computer lab wipe board.

Love the cover peeks. Always neat to see different takes. I'm so lazy, whatever gets started the first time either never gets done or is the only "draft."

antacost said...

I loved J-Ombie! Great story. Thanks so much for writing it. I started sketching out a pic at the day-job today. I'll have to ink it up and get is scanned in and shit... I think it looks pretty good... But I do have that massive ego.