Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Ink tastes like black.

Still on this one huh? Yeah, I know. Someday, someday...this weekend Brothers Fole will begin...again. I'm still feeling out/revisiting the quills...tried a more stylized route that I would normally never attempt, using flat consistent hatch lines instead of the normal quill 'flesh-out' if you know what I mean.

Scotts at Disney... lucky him. Hes probably touching Donald inappropriately right now.

later taters.

I can't tell you guys how bad I need a trip to Springfield right now. I needs me FMH batteries charged. But, alas, in time. Thanksgiving I'm back for TUES - SAT (leaving again SUN. Will have some pages for Aaron then. huh, buddy, you like that? you wants some pages do ya? aww whos a good boy?


Aaron said...

You are such a page tease. Don't make me beg. Cus' I will. I have no sense of shame or socially acceptable behavior.

sam said...

Yeah, I dropped the FMH ball this weekend. I figured with Monday off I'd get some much needed writing done, alas... nuthin'

Seeing everybody sketching at con got me to buy a sketchbook and actually start drawing! Amazing!

antacost said...

I'm back bitches! Didn't touch up on Donald, but Stitch humped my leg...

I like this version of the pic better.

Can't wait to see what you're doing with Foles...

Later yo!