Saturday, February 17, 2007

FMH WEEK - Day Five!

Issue 34: Troll Trio Terror
Ok, there are some obvious mis-steps here, but hell, I tried to fit a day and a halfs work into like six hours. I was going to put Randi, Jason, and Bart in the coveted 'ghosted' position, but I didn't (see first sentence) COP-OUTs AWAY! Anywho, its pretty damn neat though. One for Dave Cockrum. I'm Tired. thanks to Scott for the NEW PRETTY LOGO.

FMH week at a close, on to FMH weekend!

If I can keep up the momentum I've worked out so far, We're gonna be all right.


Sam said...

Kick ass! Gwen's MUCH better. An FMH WEEK cover! The "All Similar, Gender Different" is a hilarious riff on comics over-used "All New!" I LOVE Scott's logo, it fits just right. The halo was a nice touch too.

antacost said...

Looks great brother. Is it my imagination, or did you just change something on it? I don't remember the gradiant being there before?

Bart King said...

i went ahead and slapped the art on that comic spine i used for the brothers fole cover, added some subtle shading. its about all i have left in me. i've slept ALL DAY.

Aaron said...

Sweet. Kudos on the artwork Bart.

FMH week rules. Bart rules. Sam rules. Scott's okay.