Thursday, February 15, 2007

FMH WEEK - Day Four!

Issue 33: Pristine
Well now... Scott will say: "Ok, that looks different". This is a redux of a drawing I did at work. J's proportions are... interesting, and Gordon looks...weird.
But I like it. The car is sweet and the HONK! balloon is classy.


Sam said...

The car is really nice. I never could draw cars (or anything else some might say). I love the look on J's face. He's looks like the confident bad-ass he is.

Bart King said...

i can't draw cars either, not at a good speed anyway. i LARKED that car (LARK is code for drop in a picture from photoshop, color the whole thing light blue, print it out, and then ink right over it)

antacost said...