Wednesday, May 7, 2008

The Sketchbook initiative!

I want to get better at single character sketches, ala pin-ups like stuff.
So I need characters to draw. If you guys would be so kind, request characters in this here posts request field. I'd like to have one a week from each of you, any genre you like. One week you want to see Captain Jack Harkness and the next maybe Grover... Anything is game.

Posted is Scott's suggestion that I screwed up... Etrigan the Demon!

Ok, this one just sucks!

I can live with this one somehow.


SamP said...

Just known properties (like Etrigan)?

Or anything (like the Phantom Carny)?

Bart King said...

known properties would be nice, that includes any FMH characters.

SamP said...

Well, just to get my obvious choice out of the way first... Howard The Duck.